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Sexting is a term that refers to taking a revealing picture or oneself and sending it as a text message attachment.

Think sexting doesn't happen around here? You're wrong. It definitely does.

Think it isn't a big deal? Wrong again. According to Virginia Code sections 18.2-374.1 and 18.2-374.1:1, each of the following is a felony:

  • Taking a nude picture of a minor (even yourself) - production of child pornography
  • Sending that picture to someone else - distribution of child pornography
  • Keeping that picture on your phone or computer after someone sends it to you - possession of child pornography
  • Just asking a minor to take such a picture of him/herself - covered under the definition of production of child pornography

Each felony conviction carries a minimum sentence of one year in a state correctional facility and anyone convicted of an offense related to child pornography is required to register as a sex offender.

Watch the video below (from Common Sense Media) for an introduction to the topic. This video was provided as a part of their article "Talking About 'Sexting.'"